Technical ceramic applications

Technical ceramics can be composed in combinations of elements that give the material special characteristics. Some, for example, make the ceramic product extremely hard or heat-resistant, while others will make it conduct electricity. It is characteristics such as these that make technical ceramics the only solution where steel, iron and plastics cannot do the job. Below you will find a number of examples.

Ferrules are an indispensable tool in the petrochemical industry: they are tubes with a collar and/or ring and have a variety of applications. For example, in SRUs (Sulphur Recovery Units), they can be used to protect the boiler against corrosive gases and high temperatures. Innalox manufactures ferrules of a quality that meets the demands of the extreme conditions in SRUs. They are also perfectly compatible with the other materials used in this type of system.

Innalox developed a combustion chamber especially for the Woodstove, a compact cooker system manufactured by Philips for use in the third world. The ceramic interior is extremely resistant to heat and thermal shock. The device is easy to cool with water, with no risk of cracking the ceramic component. It can burn anything at a high level of efficiency, with minimum emissions and maximum output.

Wearing of parts
We can manufacture technical ceramic components that are extremely durable and wear-resistant, as well as (by virtue of being made from technical ceramics) being extremely resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. These qualities make technical ceramics ideal for demanding mechanical applications in pumps, combustion engines or turbines.

Innalox develops the tools laboratories in the ceramic, metal and glass industries need for processes varying from heat treatment and melting metals to performing chemical analyses. In these applications, the composition of the ceramic component is critically important. One example is our specially developed crucibles that allow measurement of the viscosity of slags at high temperatures.

Welding pins
Innalox manufactures ceramic welding pins for the automotive industry. These welding pins are used to weld nuts onto plate parts. They are non-conductive, resistant to molten metal and mechanically very strong. Thanks to the high precision we are able to attain in our production, our welding pins can often be used straight out of production, with no finishing process required.

Innalox manufactures a range of nozzles for injecting gases, liquids and solids in reactors.

High-temperature anchoring systems
Anchoring insulation in ovens requires special fasteners that do not fail at high temperatures. Innalox makes a variety of fasteners for use in a broad range of ovens.

Lab equipment
We produce various technical ceramic tools for laboratories that need to run analyses at high temperatures. These include supports, holders, lab setups, pressure stamps, dilatometer parts and DTA cups.

Components for glass production
Making any kind of glass requires high temperatures. We develop technical ceramic components such as stirrers and sample containers for the glass industry that can resist these temperatures like no other.

Although knives made of technical ceramics are increasingly commonplace in the culinary industry, Innalox is not a proponent of this application. If not used with extreme care in the preparation of food, ceramic blades can easily flake or chip. Any splinter of technical ceramic entering the human body can cause significant medical complications. While we generally do not manufacture ceramic blades, we do occasionally produce ceramic handles for knives, which can add a refined touch of elegance to a quality blade.

Technical ceramics are an ideal material for various types of filters. We can produce ceramic filters with the dimensions and porosity specially tailored to the customer’s application. Filters made by Innalox are in use today in many water purification and materials separation applications.