Innovation is the driver

Ever since the foundation of Innalox, innovation has been our driving force. It is reason that Innalox exists and forms the engine of our ambitions. It’s even in our name, a contraction of ‘innovative’ and ‘aluminium oxide’. All of our efforts are about raising the bar for technical ceramics. Just like we do everything to further our field, our people and our business.

Our drive for innovation is expressed in a number of ways. We develop new materials for specific applications our customers need. We also develop our own products and materials. And we are commissioned to create and modify formulas for other ceramics manufacturers as well. Furthermore, we also look for ways in which we can fit in ceramic products in our customers’ processes.

Answering to these challenges requires new techniques and new materials. This is why we stay on top of all developments in the market and follow the latest science closely. And we work with many universities and knowledge institutions. By working in concert with these organisations, we increase the knowledge within our own. In addition, it enables us to make a valuable contribution to the scientific developments in the field of ceramics.