Indestructible components for a variety of markets
Innovation is the driving force
Elegant solutions for complex challenges
The future of technical ceramics starts with Innalox
Unique challenges deserve unique material properties

Innalox delivers solutions

Innalox delivers technical ceramics solutions. When industrial companies face complex challenges, we are the ones who quickly solve them with advanced, affordable, functional and sustainable solutions.

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Visit us at Sulphur + Sulphuric Acid 2022, booth 57

Full-size I-TPS demonstration model: discover the possibilities of Innalox’s groundbreaking tube sheet protection system. We look forward to seeing you at booth 57!

I-TPS: revolutionary innovation

Boilers in the petrochemical industry need protection against corrosive gases and high temperatures. With the patented I-TPS system, ceramic ferrules are modularly placed in a Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU). This revolutionary system allows for interim inspections, avoid unnecessary damage!

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